New Ohio Process Service Network Speeds, Simplifies Ohio Process Serving


Ohio – March 8, 2010 – Although current economic indicators have shown that the nation is on its way to recovery, there is much clean-up work still to be done.


And as America’s businesses get back to work, part of that clean-up process involves businesses seeking relief from their delinquent customers, and aligning with the right legal support services to assist them by providing legally defendable service of process.

Fortunately, there is a new network of experienced, ethical process servers to help the Ohio’s law firms, collection agencies, and mortgage companies as they pursue judgments against defendants. is a group of unaffiliated private investigators and process servers offering complete, statewide coverage in Ohio. Members include former civilian and military police officers and investigators, police chiefs, sheriff's deputies, and licensed, insured private investigators. Phil Pavarini, Jr., spokesman, trained as a military police officer and Ohio state-licensed private investigator, spent three years hand-selecting the members of the network, vetting them to his exacting standards.

“With more than 100 years’ combined experience,’s private investigators and process servers have the tools to quickly and efficiently get the job done,” Pavarini said. “Plus, our web site offers instant cost estimates for the entire state—there is no need to call different companies to find pricing or coverage areas anywhere in Ohio.”


Additionally, Pavarini said, “We strive not to use sub-contractors. Our providers belong to many national professional organizations and truly value the service they provide to the legal community.”


Many of’s providers also use Process Servers Toolbox (PST), with access to NetDirector, and Serve-X, allowing automatic data integration with high-volume foreclosure and collection attorney software. This software allows for increased efficiency and reduced costs by reducing reporting time and data entry.


For more information about, please contact Phil Pavarini Jr. at 1-888-737-8320 x111, or by email at